Saturday, April 17, 2010


(I Wrote this post a while ago, and have been trying to figure out how to upload the video of her singing... but it wouldn't work! I finally did some research and found out that the max MB for video is 100, and ours is 120! Wish Blogger had told me that before I bothered trying 6 or 7 times to upload it! Anyway, I wish you could see it, she was perfection!)

Our primary children put on a talent show last night and it was really good! (Note the surprised tone.) From jumping jacks to dog whisperers to a violin concerto, the kids all did an amazing job at their various talents!

MaryEllen contributed to the art display, danced in a group dance, (this was just the girls all shaking and wiggling to "Tutti Fruity") and her main event was singing "Castle on a Cloud" from Les Miserables. I was SO NERVOUS for her, but she sang like an angel, and didn't appear to be nervous at all! We are so proud of her... next stop: BROADWAY!!!

MaryEllen and her star (they did a "walk of fame" of sorts, it was really cute.)

MaryEllen's artwork. The bottom picture was a color wonder picture she colored, (that sounded really redundant) and the top is a piece she made all on her own one Sunday morning. She cut out 5 hearts, each representing a member of our family and glued them together with our names on them. I thought it was SO sweet.

The parents were supposed to provide refreshments that showcased their own talents. I made this cake, and for the first time ever I made my own fondant! It was so easy, tasted better, and was SO MUCH cheaper than buying fondant, I'll never go back to the store bought kind.

P.S. This is the cake I made for Easter. We had a great Easter this year, but I'm already really behind and I didn't get a lot of great pics anyway, so I probably won't do a whole post dedicated to it. I DID love how this cake turned out and wanted to share it. It's a Peep sunflower!