Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little Halloween

I don't know why... but I didn't take very many Halloween pictures this year. I have NO EXCUSE, because even if I forget my camera I can use my iPhone. Hopefully my posterity will excuse my laziness. We didn't do too much trick or treating, due to the Sabbath day, but we had a fun ward trunk r' treat on Saturday. We went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday and I let (or forced, in Emmett's case) the kids put on their costumes for the evening. It was very low key, and I actually loved it!

I carved these 3 pumpkins plus a spider, but for some reason that one didn't get a picture taken.

Brian carved this based off of one we saw at Disneyland.

Our trunk for the Trunk r' treat. (There's the spider!)

I could not get these kids to pose for a picture!!!! We went super cheap on costumes this year... I borrowed the Batgirl costume from one of ME's friends, and got the Batman and Robin costumes at a thrift store for $1.50 each! (They're both way too small, but for that price who cares!) I had to make them capes and boot covers, but overall I probably only spent $8 on all the costumes!

Messy dessert at Grandma's house.

Friday, November 26, 2010

As promised... a month later

The rest of the Disneyland Pics. Someday I'll get around to Halloween, but I can't promise anything right now. SO BUSY!

Weird backlit picture of me, but I was so excited about the return of Captain EO!

This was the most brilliant actress I have ever seen! I was convinced that she was the real live wicked queen. She was so mean and had a constant look of disgust on her face.

Hook was a real flirt.

the strange looking queen of hearts. I wish they had figured out how to make her not look like a man in drag.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Our romantic getaway...


Brian and I had the opportunity last weekend to go to a conference at Disneyland and we just couldn't pass it up! We had such a great time... it was our first time being away from the kids and it was so relaxing and wonderful! (Don't get me wrong, our kids are AWESOME, but everyone needs a break now and then.)

Neither of us had ever been there at Halloween and we had so much fun admiring all of the decorations, and we especially enjoyed the scarier Halloween version of Space Mountain and the "Nightmare before Christmas- ified" Haunted Mansion. It was also fun meeting the villains, and just doing the other normal Disneyland stuff. We had also never been to California Adventure, so we enjoyed experiencing that for the first time together. One of the best parts of the trip was seeing "The Wonderful World of Color", which is a night time show done at Paradise pier where jets of water are shot hundreds of feet in the air and then colors and images are projected onto them. It was truly magical!!!

First stop of the day... It's a Small World

Can I conquer this enormous corn dog? I did, and it was awesome.

Haunted Mansion

My prince charming and me.

If He can't pull it out, no one can!

So that was day 1! I was going to just upload all the pics, but Blogger won't let me do anymore for some reason. Something to look forward to next time!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


Some pictures of the kids hanging out together this summer.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Starting over. AGAIN.

Potty training Henry. Take 5. (or maybe 6? I don't know, I've lost count.)

Since using a chart almost worked last time, I thought I'd apply the same principal, but make it a little more fun and exciting. First he'll have to traverse the Lone Potty Wilderness. then he'll pass through Underoo Forest on his way to the Land of Flushing Waters.

Hopefully he'll be potty trained by the time he arrives at the giant Woody doll, which will be his prize. Last time we got through the whole chart and he was no where NEAR ready to ditch the diapers. I'm talking an accident EVERY TIME we tried underwear, and usually within the first 10 minutes of putting them on. Everybody cross your fingers!!!

Back to school!

MaryEllen went back to school and is THRILLED to be a first grader! As she says, "First graders are number 1!!!!!! Get it? Because of the 1?" She is doing great in her 1st / 2nd grade split class, and is one of only 6 1st graders. We absolutely love her teacher, and are so excited for what is sure to be a great year!

We made these little mini apple cupcakes for her teacher on the first day. There's nothing wrong with kissing a little butt at the start of the year!

One of MaryEllen's best friends Haley, is in her class. I knew this seating arrangement wouldn't last long. Mrs. Andrews moved them before the end of the day.

First grader desk!!!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Nothing Major.

We've actually had a lot of major stuff... but I'm not feeling up to a long post, so I thought I'd just post about some not- so major stuff.

There's something about this kid. He's so cute he's almost cartoonish!

Henry got into a fight. (Actually, first his feet got into a losing fight with the carpet, then his face got into a losing fight with the piano bench. He tripped and hit his face. But a fight sounds WAY cooler!)

MaryEllen wanted a short back to school haircut! She looks way too old... and I miss the side- ponies. But it is awfully cute.

Henry had his 3 year check- up and they made him wear this HUGE paper gown.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Don't judge me by my boy.

Henry looks totally WT in this video. Wearing his "baljeet pants", no shoes and crazy hair, (he had just come out of the bounce house) and dancing while half asleep (but looking half high.) Oh, I forgot chee- toh fingers. The result is pretty hilarious!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Henry turns 3!!!!!

We had an awesome Giant's themed birthday party for Henry this year, and it was SO MUCH FUN! I was really hoping it would be cool enough to do the pinata and have the kids play outside, but with an August 14th birthday, the odds are always stacked against us. So our little house was filled to the max and we got a pull- string pinata (COMPLETELY stupid and not nearly as fun as swinging a bat... but it worked out for our tight family room.)

Everyone had a great time and I'm so glad we could celebrate our silly-funny- lovey boy from the Bronx! (I call him that cause he has a super funny New Yorker accent.)

The jersey pinata. (none of the strings actually made it break open, so I ended up having to rip the bottom out myself.)

Candy Rush!!!!!!

I was a little disappointed at the scale of this cake. The mitt is a little small for the ball, don't you think?

Present pandemonium.

We got him this Bat cave, which he hasn't stopped playing with in 3 weeks!

Even ultra- feminine Emelia can get into a toy this awesome!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

First Haircut!!!!

After many "oh what a beautiful little girl!" comments, I knew it was time to get Emmett's haircut.

For Henry's first cut we went to the cheapest place possible. The lady knew nothing about cutting kid's hair, and therefore it was a terrible experience that scarred Henry for life. He hates getting his hair cut.

I decided to go to one of those ridiculously overpriced kids places for Emmett's first cut, hoping it would be a fun experience for him. It was!! He loved playing in the little jeep he was seated in, and I don't think he even knew he was getting his haircut until she was almost finished and pulled out the electric clippers. Then he freaked out, Overall it was worth the money for a good memory, cute pictures, and one VERY cute little boy haircut.

cute, but ragged.


oh so sweet and cooperative!

Freak out time!

Still a little shaken up over his lost locks... but SO HANDSOME!!!!