Monday, February 21, 2011

Family Pictures

We had family pictures taken by my friend Sandi last week, and she did a great job! Seriously, I didn't think we would get one good picture. Between Emmett throwing a tantrum throughout the shoot, and MaryEllen WAY overdoing it on the posing, I was pretty sure there couldn't be any decent shots. I should have had more faith in Sandi! After editing I ended up with a couple of really beautiful family poses, and at least one good shot of each of the kids. The big shocker is that I'm pretty sure Henry has a future in modeling! he was by far the most cooperative, and we have some absolutely gorgeous pictures of him strutting his stuff. Enjoy!

the best family shot.

love the color effect on this one.

my favorite.

Worst by far!

This one reminds me of something out of a catalog.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Just Pictures

MaryEllen with our tiny tree.

We've opted for a little tree the last couple of years, for Emmett's safety and to save space. I like it just as well as a big one!

Henry Finally earned his Sheriff Woody doll and is potty trained! Yay!!!!

Brian in his big huge knee immobilizer.

Giant marshmallows are a TON of fun!!!

Emmett discovered the camera on our computer and loves taking pictures of himself. They always turn out better though if he has a little help.

Buche De Noel for Christmas Eve.

MaryEllen dressed as Mary on Christmas Eve. (Naturally, her American Girl doll is baby Jesus.)