Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A little Halloween

I don't know why... but I didn't take very many Halloween pictures this year. I have NO EXCUSE, because even if I forget my camera I can use my iPhone. Hopefully my posterity will excuse my laziness. We didn't do too much trick or treating, due to the Sabbath day, but we had a fun ward trunk r' treat on Saturday. We went to my parents house for dinner on Sunday and I let (or forced, in Emmett's case) the kids put on their costumes for the evening. It was very low key, and I actually loved it!

I carved these 3 pumpkins plus a spider, but for some reason that one didn't get a picture taken.

Brian carved this based off of one we saw at Disneyland.

Our trunk for the Trunk r' treat. (There's the spider!)

I could not get these kids to pose for a picture!!!! We went super cheap on costumes this year... I borrowed the Batgirl costume from one of ME's friends, and got the Batman and Robin costumes at a thrift store for $1.50 each! (They're both way too small, but for that price who cares!) I had to make them capes and boot covers, but overall I probably only spent $8 on all the costumes!

Messy dessert at Grandma's house.