Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Catching up (alot)

Emmett's first bath

Emmett's "O" face

Ch- ch- ch- chia!

The week before Easter we made egg shaped rice krispy treats and decorated them with melted chocolate and sprinkles. It was really fun and REALLY YUMMY!!!

Emmett watched from the comfort of his swing

River Cats game with the Fry family

Our friends Brandon and Amanda Kuhnz came with Michael and Elliot

(Baseball was played, I just didn't actually get photographic proof. There were way too many funny kids around to pay attention to the game!)

Easter Morning

Henry got underoo's in his Easter basket (though he isn't likely to use them anytime soon.)

Daddy came home (after working all night) to inspect the loot

Easter dinner and Egg hunt at the Bjurstrom's

MaryEllen got this beautiful dress for Easter. I did her hair in a little up- do for church, but of course forgot to take a picture. She looked so grown up!!

Brian joined us after sleeping for most of the evening

Cute Boys

Coming Soon... a new bathroom, but for now we have this!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Emmett's first photo shoot

Here are some pics of Emmett. We had them taken yesterday on his 4 week birthday! He's getting so big already!