Wednesday, January 19, 2011


That's me! I can't believe how long it's been since I posted! I'm just going to do a little catching up.

Thanksgiving was great... I did the Run to feed the Hungry for my 5th time this year! It was a great experience as it always is, although the weather was in the 30's!!! I bundled the kids as best I could and they had a great time cheering on all of the runners.
We had Thanksgiving dinner with the Faulconers/ Bjurstroms, and it was a great feast for all!

The month of December was a little crazy. Brian had surgery just a week before Christmas on a torn quad muscle, so the whole month before was spent trying to make sure I was ready for Christmas. I'm happy to say I was sufficiently prepared and the surgery went well. Recovery has been slow, but Brian started back to work last week and is adjusting fairly well. It's going to be a long time before he's back to normal, but I think he's happy with the progress he's made.

Christmas was fun, with the kids all getting their most coveted toys and things, and even some that they didn't expect! MaryEllen was especially thrilled with the Panda pillow pet that Aunt Francesca got for her! (She has a weird obsession with panda bears right now... whatever makes her happy!) The boys got so many batman/ space/ car/truck/ little people toys that they've been fully occupied for the last month, which makes mommy very happy!
So now everything is pretty much back to normal with MaryEllen back in school and Brian back to his old schedule. I am happy to be in a new year, working toward accomplishing new goals! Happy New Year!!!!!

About to start the run on Thanksgiving morning. SO COLD!!!!

Mailing Letters to Santa at at Macy's (Emmett had one too, but refused to pose next to the mailbox with it.)

Our visit with Santa (once again, Emmett was there, but was being disagreeable.)

I'll have more pictures when I sync my phone... which I almost never do!!! I need to soon though, and I'll try to post then.