Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Haircuts

Henry had his first haircut a few months ago, but it was a miserable experience for everyone. So when it came time for a trim, I thought it would be a good idea if he went to see Daddy get a haircut, then get one himself in the same chair. It worked out a little better, but I still think he would rather be a hairy beast than have anyone with scissors come near him. Oh well, It made for some good pictures!

Daddy setting the example. (Yes, Brian regularly gets his hair cut at SportClips. No, It doesn't bother me that all the girls who work there are hot and wear cute little Ref jerseys and love sports. Well, maybe a little.)

Happy as a clam! (before the girl breaks out the scissors)

A nice before shot

The fight ensues!

Get that camera out of my face!

Going limp is a really good strategy in this situation.

Daddy had to take control.

MaryEllen feeling left out.

The after shot. Aren't they handsome!

Our busy Halloween

We had a really fun Halloween! On Tuesday night we went to the ward trunk or treat, then on Thursday the kids dressed up for storytime at the Library. By Friday I think they were sick of their costumes, but they put them on one more time to visit Daddy at work and go trick or treating on our street. Even the rain didn't bum the kids out, we came home wet and cold, but loaded up with candy! Yay, we love Halloween!

A side view of Henry's Nemo costume

The lovely Snow White!

Finally, Brian was able to pin down Nemo. Something about that costume just made him want to run! (I think he was trying to get lost so that we would have to "find" him.) It was so cute when he ran though, because his little tail fin would go back and forth just like he was swimming!

Snow white found her prince, and Nemo found his Dad. They turned out to be the same guy.

Storytime with Miss Shelley

Look fast! He's actually holding still!

The elusive Mommy. (I'm usually behind the camera.)

MaryEllen and her friend Lucia (Sleeping Beauty) listening to the story.