Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Recent stuff

Henry has taken to arranging his little Elmo, Cookie Monster, and Plex around him in the morning when he is watching TV. Then he makes sure everyone is "coz" by tucking them under his blankies.

Tulips for Valentines day from the best husband!!!!

100 days of school project... we tied 100 bows. (Translation: I tied 100 bows.)

Clara is no dumb dog. She knows where to find the good stuff!

Notice the sizable hole... that's a 4 tooth gap!!!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Purse found... vandalized again!

Someone called this morning from a store on the corner of Auburn and Madison to tell us that purse was found! That's the good news, the rest is bad, and a little creepy.

Apparently the first crooks, who busted out our passenger window and grabbed the purse out of what I thought was my unnoticable hiding place under the center console, used some credit cards at a gas station, then grabbed the credit card and my ID before dumping it on the side of the road. They went on to do some more credit card damage, which isn't too big a deal because of fraud protection.

The good thing is that they didn't realize I had almost $400 in cash in a coupon organizer! The bad thing is that some bum, who has a little "house" behind the store where the purse was found, found it first. He left a trail of all my stuff from the street corner to his house (which is how the owners of the store found it). My temple recommend, diapers, an old tithing envelope, little toys, a pair of socks, etc. When Brian went to pick up the purse the store owners showed him all this, then he found the coupon keeper and the coupons strewn all over the place, but the cash was gone. The bum had even put one of my old ID's that I kept in my wallet up on the wall of his little house. (That's the creepy part.)

Currently the bum is out spending our money and Brian is waiting there to file a report with the police. I doubt there will be anything left of the $ when the police find him... Hopefully he got a good hot meal out of it!

The best thing to come from this morning was that my keys were found!!!! Now I don't have to worry about someone coming to our house in the night with easy access... or replacing the clicker for the Minivan!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


My purse and all of my worldly possessions (except for my ipod and cell phone, phew.) were stolen tonight when my car was broken into outside of the gym. Even my keys were in it. Say a prayer that someone finds the dumped remains and brings them to me! Even getting my Diaper caddy and the hollow shell of my purse would be a comfort!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Awesome commentary!


I'm seriously happy now.

Monday, February 15, 2010

No comment?

It seems like since I put the sticker on my sidebar that says "your comments make me happy" there has been a drastic drop in comments. Are you all purposefully trying to make me UNhappy? Maybe there is just too much pressure. I could take it down! Maybe I'll try that. We'll see how things go after this post.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Emmett vs. Spaghetti

Spaghetti- 2, Emmett- 0

(I thought we had the 2nd battle in the bag... I was even smart enough to strip him down to his diaper. Turns out spaghetti sticks to baby skin even more effectively than to baby clothes.)

The rare Albino Panda is spotted in the Sacramento area.

Oh wait, that's Henry with a double case of conjunctivitis.
(don't worry, he's all better now... a week of torturous eyedrops and antibiotics took care of that.)